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Key Projects

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SMS-donation is the fastest and easiest way to help those in need. Just one click — and you have made your contribution for a good deed.

Numbers for SMS-donations:

  • 88 000 — to help the project "Help Ukraine! Stop war!" Send a message and UAH 20 will be debited from your account. All funds raised will be used to help children, hospitals, the wounded and civilians affected by the war.

  • 88 003 — to help the Shelter "Vse Bude Dobre (Everything will be fine)". The cost of the message is only UAH 5. Due to the funds raised, our Foundation will be able to provide temporary displaced people who were forced to leave their homes with everything they need.

Реквізити рахунку в гривні: 


Найменування отримувача: БФ "Твоя опора"
Код отримувача: 39226810
Рахунок отримувача: UA483052990000026001040120931
Назва банку: АТ КБ "ПРИВАТБАНК" 


Реквізити в інших валютах

You can support our Charitable Foundation and transfer money to help even if you do not have a UAH card. You can do it: by a bank transfer to a foreign currency account (we have accounts in USD, EUR, GBP and PLN); transferring money from your bank card — in this case, the transfer amount is converted into UAH at the bank's rate.

Who are we?

Our mission: We work to provide every person in Ukraine who needs it with proficient help in due time.

  • 57+
    Orphanages and shelters under the care of the foundation
  • 120+
    hospitals received help
  • 750+
    units of medical equipment bought at the hospital
  • 3 000+
    refugees received help in our Shelter
  • 4 600+
    children were treated thanks to the fund
  • 20 000+
    people received humanitarian aid

CAF America international platform certification

Charitable Foundation "Your support" has passed an independent audit and received certification from the international CAF America platform.


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How else can you help?

With money

With money
From small contributions we collect huge amounts, due to which children, hospitals, orphanages and shelters for IDPs receive much-needed help

With practical activity

With practical activity
Our team always welcomes volunteers who are ready to spend their time and efforts for a good deed. By becoming a volunteer of the Foundation, you can help us physically or provide your professional services pro bono. To become a volunteer of "Your Support

Become a partner

Become a partner
By becoming a partner of our Foundation, you will not only help those who need it, but also improve the reputation of your own brand. In fact, according to research, 88% of consumers prefer socially responsible companies

Corporate donors


Media about us

Media about us

Home for children: Kateryna Osadcha on her birthday on the air of "Breakfast with 1+1" announced a charity collection

Media about us

"War has no days off and holidays, children need help every day", – the founder of the Charitable Doundation "Your Support" Valeriia Tatarchuk has told in detail about the work of the Foundation.

Media about us


Media about us


Media about us


Media about us


Media about us

Alicia Keys helped children in Ukraine who suffered from war

Media about us


Media about us

"I am with you": famous Ukrainian directors, stars of Cirque du Soleil and Onuka united for the sake of children

Media about us

#GoodStories. "It was painful to watch children sleeping on the floor of the station". How Valeriia Tatarchuk from the CF "Your Support" helps Ukrainians during the war...

Media about us

During the air alert a mother was carrying her 9-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy to the basement. The story of Marichka from Zhytomyr region

Media about us

The mother went to get her things and found herself in the occupation. The baby spent a month in the hospital

Media about us

War kills some but benefits others. How to distinguish a volunteer from a fraudster

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They came to kill and stole our joy – a family from Mariupol lost their home twice because of the russians

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We were bombed by planes, vacuum bombs exploded, - displaced person Mykola about the first days of hell in Kharkiv

Media about us

The russians have an order to wipe Kherson off the face of the earth – Olha and Nadiia tell about occupation and rescue

Media about us

A neighbor jumped over the balcony and his pensioner mother burned to death — the story of a resident of Mariupol

Media about us

If you limp, we will shoot you in the leg to be sure: the story of a resident of Berdiansk who left the occupied city through russia

Media about us

I was afraid to fall asleep and not see my family. A woman from the Mykolaiv region recalls hellish months under occupation and cannot hold back tears

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Everything has been destroyed, and the enemy flag is on the ruins. An emotional story of a resident of Mariupol about the hell of life in the city during the war

Media about us

I did not want my child to live under the "russian world". The story of a man who spent three months in occupation

Media about us

"We will kill you, your children and grandchildren": the story of a resident of the Mykolaiv region who managed to escape from the occupied village

Media about us

They shot him in the legs and that's all. A resident of the occupied Kherson region told about the situation in the region

Media about us

When my son was five days old, our house was destroyed by a bomb — the story of Victoriia from Chernihiv, who gave birth during severe fighting for the city

Media about us

The wounded are literally being collected piece by piece. Valeriia Tatarchuk tells about the needs of hospitals, generosity of Ukrainians and her own motivation

Media about us

The culture of charity is changing right in front of our eyes

Media about us

Shelter for the Ukrainians who lost their homes

Media about us

Wyjechał, gdy rakieta uderzyła w jego dom. Wyjechała, by nie mieszkać z niemowlakiem w piwnicy

Media about us

Charity Drop from 7 Ukrainian Designers and Birthday Girl Katya Osadcha

Media about us

Two boys from the shelter for IDPs were baptized in one of the oldest churches in Lviv

Media about us


Media about us

The road of a lifetime: how a family got out of occupied Kherson

Media about us

Interview with the founder of the Foundation that has raised more than UAH 243 million to help children

Media about us

Oleksandr Pedan and Uncle Zhora have united for a good cause: "If not for the war..."

Media about us

Beauty contest in France will raise funds for Ukrainian children affected by war

Media about us

Almost 700 IDPs have been offered a refuge here, new places will soon appear: Lviv shelter plans to expand

Media about us

Business and war. Weekly digest of good deeds

Media about us

Valeriia Tatarchuk: "Ukraine loses millions of dollars due to the lack of transparency of the charity sector"

Media about us

Free Leleka NFT project raises funds to help women and children in Ukraine

When and who founded the Charitable Foundation "Your Support"?

Charitable Foundation "Your Support" was founded in 2014 by Valeriia Tatarchuk. It is an independent non-profit organization that implements projects through charitable donations and support of donors. You can read more about the Foundation and its activities in the "About us" section.

What does the Charitable Foundation "Your Support" do?

Within the project "Help Ukraine! Stop war!" we provide humanitarian aid to hospitals, orphanages and shelters, as well as to children and adults affected by the war. Within the project "Big Little Heart" we help children with congenital heart diseases. Also, our Charitable Foundation together with its partners established the “Vse Bude Dobre (Everything will be fine)” Shelter for temporary displaced people in Lviv. It became a home to the Ukrainians who were forced to flee their homes because of the full-scale invasion of russia.

Where can I find the information about the Foundation partners?

You can read more about the Foundation partners in the"Partners" section.

What is the mission and values of the Charitable Foundation "Your Support"?

The Foundation’s mission is to ensure that every person in Ukraine, being in need of help, will receive it in due time and with high quality. The Foundation’s values are the following: humanism, effectiveness, development, transparency.

Where can I view the Foundation's reports?

You can view the reports of our Foundation in the "Reports" section.

I want to donate money to your Foundation. Do I have to register on the website?

In order to make a charitable donation, you do not need to register on the website. If you wish, you can make an anonymous donation.

I want to transfer funds from a bank card. Will a bank charge the fee for this?

When transferring funds from a bank card, a fee may be charged. Its amount depends on the tariffs of your bank.

In what currency can I transfer money to your Foundation?

In addition to UAH, you can make a charitable contribution in dollars, euros, pounds or zlotys. To do this, select the details of our account in your preferred currency.

I do not have a payment card in UAH. Can I transfer money to your Foundation?

Yes, you can. This can be done in two ways: 1) by transferring money to a foreign currency account (we have accounts in dollars, euros, pounds and zlotys); 2) by transferring money from your bank card — in this case, the transfer amount is converted into hryvnias at the bank's rate.

Can I provide support to the Foundation directly in the Monobank application?

Yes, you can. There are 3 ways to support our Foundation in the Monobank application: 1) Regular payments. To subscribe, click on the "Other payments" section, create a folder and select the "Charity" section. Find the Charitable Foundation "Your support" in the list, enter the desired amount of regular payment and set up a convenient write-off date and frequency. 2) Debiting to the bank account. To connect, go to the "Savings" section, click "Donations for a good course", select the Charitable Foundation "Your Support" in the list and set up convenient options for debiting funds. 3) Cashback transfer. To do this, go to the "Cashback" section, click "Donate for a good course" and select the Charitable Foundation "Your Support" in the list.

Can I transfer money using PayPal?

Unfortunately, this payment system does not work for charitable organizations in Ukraine. Therefore, it is currently impossible to transfer money to us using PayPal.

Do you accept donations in cryptocurrency?

Charitable Foundation "Your Support" does not accept donations in cryptocurrency.

I want the money transferred to go to a specific project. Where should I indicate this?

Please indicate the name of the project you want to support in the purpose of payment.

What part of the funds goes to the administrative expenses of the Foundation?

The Foundation "Your Support" spends an average of 5% of all transfers per year on administrative expenses. According to the Law of Ukraine "On Charity and Charitable Organizations", the amount of administrative expenses of a charitable organization may not exceed 20% of the income of this organization in the current year.

What projects can I support?

The list of all projects of the Foundation can be found in the "Projects" section.

What if I can't choose a project, but want to donate money?

You can make a charitable contribution to the Foundation's account, and we will direct the funds to the most urgent projects.

If I am not able to help with money, how else can I support your projects?

You can become a volunteer of our Foundation. To do this, please fill out the form. Your time and efforts will be very valuable for us.

Can I create my own fundraising project on your website?

You can create a fundraising project on our platform "Dobrunok". If it corresponds to the areas of our interest, fundraising will begin on the platform after moderation.

How can I subscribe to regular payments?

You can subscribe to regular charitable contributions on our website in the "Help" section. To do this, when transferring funds from the card, tick the "transfer monthly" box and select the desired amount.

How to unsubscribe from regular payments?

If you want to unsubscribe from regular payments to our Charitable Foundation, please send a request to [email protected] In the letter, please indicate your name and payment receipt ID.

How can my child get help from your Foundation?

If your child needs help, please contact us: by phone: +380443210900 or by e-mail: [email protected]. We will process your request and contact you promptly.

Can adults apply for help to your Foundation?

Being guided by the Charter of the Charitable Foundation "Your Support", we primarily provide assistance to children.

Can I get targeted humanitarian aid for my child?

We promptly inform about the availability of humanitarian aid on the website, as well as in the social networks of the Charitable Foundation "Your Support". Follow the announcements and contact us if you need humanitarian aid.

Can a public organization or charitable foundation apply for help?

A non-governmental organization or charitable foundation can apply to us for assistance. Contact the manager to discuss all the details: 1) +380673355899 - Yuliia Herasymenko; 2) [email protected]

Does your Foundation accept used clothes for families in need?

Charitable Foundation "Your Support" does not accept used clothes.

What are the obligations of the Charitable Foundation "Your Support" to donors?

Our Charitable Foundation undertakes to provide donors with financial and descriptive reporting as well as to comply with the terms of cooperation in accordance with the signed agreement.

Who can become our donor/partner?

Companies that want to support the charitable projects of our Foundation and join in helping those in need can become our donors or partners. We are happy to cooperate with companies that meet our values and principles of work.

Who cannot become our donor/partner?

Companies that manufacture and sell tobacco and alcohol products, are engaged in gambling business, as well as companies whose ultimate beneficiaries are citizens of russia and belarus.

Can I deliver humanitarian aid to your Foundation for its further distribution? What documents do I need for this?

We will be very grateful for the humanitarian aid, which we will be able to deliver to those who need it. To deliver humanitarian aid to our Foundation, please send the following documents to the e-mail address [email protected]: 1) copies of certificates (if the certification is required); 2) acceptance certificates indicating the quantity, prices of products and the total amount of aid; 3) statutory documents of the company that plans to transfer the products.

Our organization wants to make a large contribution. How will we be able to receive reports after these funds have been used?

After the use of funds, we will provide your organization with descriptive and financial reports, certified source documents confirming the implementation of the charitable contribution, as well as a photo report, provided at your request.

I am a business representative. Who can I discuss a potential partnership with?

You can discuss potential partnerships with Yulia Herasymenko, the Head of Projects and Programs of the Foundation. Please contact her by phone +380673355899 or send a request to [email protected]

Can our company implement its charitable project through your Foundation? If yes, what do we need to do?

Yes, if the project complies with our strategy, values and areas of activity. We will be happy to discuss with you the possible mechanics and other terms of cooperation. To do this, please contact Yulia Gerasymenko, the Head of Projects and Programs of the Foundation by phone +380673355899 or send a request to [email protected] After the project implementation we will provide you with full financial and descriptive reporting, as well as a photo report upon your request.

I saw the use of your Foundation's name for fraudulent purposes, where can I report it?

If you have seen that on behalf of the Charitable Foundation "Your Support" someone collects money in boxes on the streets, allocates social benefits or carries out other activities that are not listed on our website, please inform us as soon as possible: 1) by phone +380443210900 or +380673355899; 2) in the social networks of the Foundation: Instagram or Facebook.

How to become a volunteer of the Foundation?

To become a volunteer of our Foundation, please fill out the application form. We will be very grateful for your time and efforts for a good deed!

How to become a part of the Foundation's team?

All current vacancies will appear on our website. It will contain detailed information about the requirements for the candidate and the conditions for submitting a CV.

Who is the contact person for media representatives?

Please contact the PR-manager of our Charitable Foundation Olena at [email protected].
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