Shelter "Everything Will Be Fine"

An unmade bed after a restless sleep, a cup from yesterday's tea in the sink and toys scattered around the room - due to a full-scale invasion, millions of Ukrainians had to lock up their happy lives and leave in a hurry. But where?

Some people managed to find a favor among those familiar in the West of Ukraine, some were told to help abroad, and some at their own risk went to nowhere, so that only away from the siren and missiles.

Shelter “Everything will be fine” is a place in Lviv, which opened its doors almost at the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

In addition, we are trying to provide the necessary humanitarian needs: Hot food with the support of the international organization World Central Kitchen, access to all necessary hygiene means, and we also have medical support due to the international organization Premiere Urgence International.

Who made the project?

YOUR SUPPORT Charity Fund, Ukrtelecom company, Pro PM school, 7CI GROUP design and construction company, Volodymyr Borodyanskyi, Ilona Shneider and Nataliya Deren united and organized the “Everything Will Be Fine” Shelter project.

To help those who were forced to leave their homes and stayed at the Shelter, click the button “DONATE”!